How to play Earth2

Once you’ve set up your account, don’t forget the crucial step of securing it. Since you’ll be investing actual money to snag digital goodies like Land, Cydroids, jewels, Civilians, etc. from the in-game market, using your international debit or credit card, it’s a smart move to fortify your account with a strong password and enable 2FA. Safety first!

Let’s dive into building your Earth2 kingdom! I’ll walk you through opening an account, snagging tiles, crafting jewels and  Cydroids, and automating tasks with civilians . It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you grasp the steps, it’ll be a breeze. I’ll also hook you up with some links for the latest updates and cool ideas. Stay tuned!

How to open Account?

To embark on your journey with Earth2, begin by visiting and opening a new account. The registration process is straightforward and completely free. After verifying your email, you’ll gain access to your account.

Inside, you’ll encounter a map and a search tool, which enables you to explore any location you desire. Before making any property purchases, I recommend completing some essential profile settings to ensure a smooth start.


Secure your Account:

Given that Earth2 involves real money investments, securing your account is of paramount importance to prevent any unwanted issues. It’s crucial to stay vigilant, as there are potential threats from hackers seeking to compromise your account.

Being part of the Earth2 community is a wonderful experience, but it’s equally important to prioritize safety. For example, on October 10, 2023, an Earth2 Discord account was hacked, resulting in some users having their digital wallets compromised. To maintain security, it’s advisable not to engage in transactions outside the official platform.

Additionally, exercise caution on platforms like Facebook, where you may receive invitations to join external Telegram channels. It’s wise to steer clear of such invitations to ensure the safety of your Earth2 investments.”

You might be wondering why I’m sharing so much information, but my ultimate goal is to ensure your journey in Earth2 is a safe and secure one. As a first step after your initial login, I strongly recommend enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) to fortify your account’s security.


First you need to login your account and go Settings. First you need to verify yourself and complete the KYC process by submitting you Passport or National ID card. then you need to verify your face. Total verifying process  will take less than 10 minute. 

After verifying yourself you have to enable 2FA. Use google authenticator App, it is trusted app.   

Save your Backup tokens

You also save your  backup token by clicking Manage 2FA . 


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Top-up amount

Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to top up your desired amount so that you have funds readily available. You can conveniently make payments via credit card or cryptocurrency. The flexibility of topping up any amount means you’re not obligated to charge the full amount all at once. Here $1 =  E$1.

Navigation menus

Earth2 map

Buy land: Once you log in, the first step is to secure your piece of the virtual world. Imagine a world map laid out before you, neatly divided into little squares — these are what we call tiles. Now, the fun part begins. You get to claim your stake, starting with a minimum purchase of just one tile. Feeling a bit more ambitious? Go ahead and snag up to 750 tiles in a single go, that’s the maximum limit.

Now, let’s talk views. Picture this map as your own playground, offering not just the typical Satellite or Map view, like a Google Earth experience. No, we’re taking it up a notch. Dive into a 3D perspective or check out a heatmap view, adding a whole new layer to your exploration.

Marketplace: Navigate to the Marketplace if you’re eyeing any assets for purchase. This is where peer-to-peer trading takes center stage. The Marketplace unfolds into two distinct realms: the Property section allows you to snag ties from fellow players, while the Bazar beckons for trading Civilians, Jewels, Cydroids, and more. In future discussions, we’ll delve deeper into these exciting possibilities.

Leaderboard: Welcome to the hub of Earth2’s top investors, where you get an exclusive peek into the players making significant investments. Explore rankings either on a countrywide scale or delve into independent player-wise listings. Discover who’s leading the way in shaping the Earth2 landscape

Buy tiles

Click buy now button, you will be taken in map page. You will see the search tool on top. Write the name you want to buy. If the land already not taken by others you can select the tiles by dragging mouse (finger). You can select from 1 to 750 tiles at once. tach tiles is 10m X 10m. 

To proceed, click on the ‘Details’ option to view the exact amount you need to pay. If you’ve already topped up your account with sufficient credit, you can make the payment from your account balance. For added value, consider using the coupon code ‘bluesky‘ to enjoy a 7.5% discount. Using this code not only benefits you but also extends your support to this blog. Additionally, you can watch the following video to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire process.

After completing the process, please visit your profile, where you’ll find your recently purchased lands/tiles listed. Each property will be associated with a unique code. To enhance navigation and ease of reference, you have the option to rename your property. Furthermore, you can share the property link with your friends. By default, the link can be quite lengthy, but Earth2 offers the option to customize it for a small fee. This shorter, customized link is known as an EPL (Earth2 Property Locator). Now, you can give your property a more concise and memorable name for a fee of $4.95 or 400 essence.

Collecting jewels

Jewels are digital assets that spawn randomly in Earth2 almost every day. Players can claim these jewels from their resource center. It’s important to note that jewels must be claimed within seven days of spawning, as they will disappear if left unclaimed. Shane, the founder of Earth2, consistently reminds players to collect jewels regularly, as their scarcity is expected to increase in the near future, making them more expensive.

Jewels serve multiple valuable purposes within the Earth2 ecosystem:

  1. Enhancing Tile Productivity: Jewels can be slotted into mentars to boost the productivity of tiles, increasing E-ther and resource production, spawning quality Cydroids, and more.
  2. Enhancing Cydroid Capacity: Jewels can also be slotted inside Cydroids to enhance their capacity.
  3. Trading in the Marketplace: Players have the option to trade jewels in the marketplace, providing opportunities for earning and investment.
  4. Crafting Jewels: Players can craft jewels to improve the quality.
how to collect jewel in earth2
How shall i collect jewels in eartth2

Collecting jewels in Earth2 is a straightforward process. Earth2 sends notifications to players to remind them to collect their jewels. Upon receiving the notification, users simply need to log in to their account and navigate to the resource menu. A window will pop up, prompting the user to claim all available jewels. Once claimed, the jewels are instantly updated in their inventory.

Collecting E-ther

Every tiles release E-ther. Tire 1 tiles produce more E-ther than teir 2. In conreast if players slote jewels, which is resmoncible to release more E-ther, can produce more E-ther. Players have to click account balance for E-ther (Please see the picture below) to claim E-ther. It is recomanded that, witing 24 hourd, player should claim E-ther, otherwise the E-ther beocome unstable and neighbors can send Cydroid to raid thoses unsrable E-ther. 

How to claim ether

E-ther Collection in Two Ways: Your Own Land via Mentars and From Neighbors Using Cydroids. Following transformation, this E-ther becomes Essence, which will soon be converted into tokens.

Experts are foreseeing a future where Essence or E-ther will be indispensable for nearly every aspect of the game. Presently, E-ther/Essence is essential for tasks such as building Cydroids, enhancing jewel quality, creating Civilians, and more. In the near future, E-ther will play a vital role in upgrading tiles and various other activities, cementing its status as the game’s most valuable asset.

Building cydroids

Cydroids are flying objects designed to scan neighboring tiles and gather unstable E-ther. To operate effectively, they require a minimum of four tiles of property. If you’d like to delve deeper into this subject, we have a dedicated blog article that provides in-depth insights into Cydroids—be sure to give it a read for more details

Legendary Cydroid

To raid cydroids efficiently , user have to invest quality time. Because as we know Essence takes most important role in game playing . If player can mantain good strategy , then he will be able to gain more E-ther and Raid Enargy (By product of raiding).

E-ther Collection in Two Ways: Your Own Land via Mentars and From Neighbors Using Cydroids. Following transformation, this E-ther becomes Essence, which will soon be converted into tokens.

Experts are foreseeing a future where Essence or E-ther will be indispensable for nearly every aspect of the game. Presently, E-ther/Essence is essential for tasks such as building Cydroids, enhancing jewel quality, creating Civilians, and more. In the near future, E-ther will play a vital role in upgrading tiles and various other activities, cementing its status as the game’s most valuable asset.

Currently, selling Cydroids in the marketplace may not be very profitable. However, there’s a possibility that in the future, players will gain the ability to craft specialized Cydroids and sell them at premium prices in the market. For newcomers, I strongly recommend taking a look at the marketplace before venturing into Cydroid construction. As of now, it is often more cost-effective to purchase Cydroids from the marketplace.

Synthesize Civilians

Civilian Management Earht2

If you have a large account, manually raiding can be quite time-consuming. That’s why you have the option to create Synthesized Civilians. It takes 24 hours to spawn one civilian, and it costs 25 E-Ther for each civilian. Primarily there are three type of  Civilians:

  1. E-Ther Reckoner: Automatically dispenses E-Ther acquired from Raids.
  2. Cydroid Technician: Automatically recharges depleted Cydroids.
  3. Raid Commander: Automatically deploys Cydroids on Raids to selected properties.

There are two types of additional civilians in the pipeline:

  1. Data Analyst (Coming Soon)
  2. Cydroid Pilot (Coming Soon)

There are three types of civilians that spawn randomly:

  1. Space Force
  2. Rebels
  3. Egyptian God

Currently, all types of civilians have the same abilities. In the future, they will have specialized abilities. We will update the blog once we receive any updates. Please click the link to get detail about he civilians. 

Civilians gain XP every time E-ther is successfully raided and dispensed on their property. This includes E-ther gained through manual raids. For every 1 E-ther dispensed, 100 XP is distributed amongst all the Civilians on the property. The Raid Commander can automatically deploy Cydroids once you’ve successfully raided a property and marked it as a favorite.

How to do auto raid in Earth2

When civilians successfully complete a task, they earn Experience Points (XP). They receive 100 points for every 1 E-Ther earned. In a tile with three civilians, each of them will equally receive 50 points. This experience improves their abilities, which have six levels. The following Earth2 civilians cheat sheet, provided by Lorenzo Ferrarelli, one of the top social contributors, will help you see the full matrix.

Earth2 civilians cheat sheet

It is recommended to keep raiding manually as much as possible until your civilians are promoted to level 6. This is how you’ll be able to collect E-Ther and Red Energy faster.

Please be aware that there is a recurring cost associated with keeping civilians. Each civilian requires 4 Red Energy Units per week. Before adding too many civilians, it’s important to calculate your weekly Red Energy collection versus consumption. If consumption exceeds your collection, you will quickly run out of Red Energy.

Market place for civilians

There’s a marketplace for trading civilians, which means you can buy or sell them. For beginners, I recommend buying from the market because it’s often cheaper and you receive them instantly, rather than waiting for the 24-hour spawn time. Additionally, market civilians usually have more experience compared to newly spawned ones.

Earth2 Civilians market place

On the other hand, in the future, there will be a high demand for experienced civilians. You can train your civilians and trade them in the market. This could be a significant opportunity for you to earn a substantial amount from the market.

This blog is designed for beginners who are considering investing in Earth2, a cutting-edge metaverse game. These are the primary activities you can engage in within the game. We will continue to update the blog with any new information as it becomes available.

Different types of Land

“Within Earth2, there are three categories of land or tiles: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Currently, direct purchases of Tier 1 tiles from Earth2 are not an option; players must acquire them from the Marketplace. On the other hand, Tier 2 tiles are readily available for direct purchase on Earth2 at a more affordable price point.

Introducing Tier 3 tiles, although not as widely accessible as Tier 2, adds an intriguing dynamic. Existing players can influence the availability of Tier 3 tiles by voting to unlock their desired territories. Upon winning the vote, Earth2 opens up the territory for all to purchase. These Tier 3 tiles offer an economical choice, albeit with some limitations. For a detailed understanding of the advantages and constraints associated with these tiles, delve into more information available.”

What is Essence?

The primary goal is to boost your essence, but what exactly is essence? In straightforward terms, it’s the currency within Earth2. In the latest update, the plan is to have this essence listed in the crypto market for trading. The official white paper for the game is set to be released in the first quarter of 2024, with the token launch scheduled after the Bitcoin halving.

Here’s the daily drill: Ether evaporates from your tiles, and the more tiles you own, the better your chances of collecting Ether. Players need to claim their Ether every day, with the option to transform it into Essence either daily or periodically. Consistent daily claims enhance your Ether-boosting capacity, so it’s highly recommended to log in and claim without missing a beat.

It’s crucial to note that not all tiles yield the same amount of Ether. High-performing countries like the USA and South Korea produce the maximum Ether. To maximize your gains, consider strategically purchasing tiles in regions where you can harvest more Ether. Currently, Tier 1 tiles are exclusively available in the Marketplace, making it a go-to spot for seasoned players to secure the best deals.

Useful Resources

While Earth2 isn’t exactly a walk in the park – it’s more of a complex venture, to be honest – the more information you have, the wiser decisions you can make. In light of this, I highly recommend following the resources listed below for a deeper understanding.

Official Discord


Earth2 News


What is Eart, and how can I get started?

Eart is an engaging metaverse game. To begin your adventure, create a free account on Currently, enjoy the 2D version, with an exciting 3D upgrade (E2V1) expected by the end of 2024. Check out the video for a sneak peek into the future!

Why is securing my Eart account important?

Safeguard your account as you’ll be investing real money. Use a strong password and enable 2FA for added security. Eart involves transactions, so safety first!

How do I navigate Eart and purchase tiles?

Upon login, secure your piece of the virtual world by purchasing tiles. Claim your stake starting with one tile, and you can go up to 750 tiles at once. Explore different views like Satellite, Map, 3D, and heatmap.

Where can I buy assets in Eart?

Head to the Marketplace for peer-to-peer trading. Property and Bazar sections offer ties and various assets like Civilians, Jewels, Cydroids, respectively.

Who are the top players in Eart, and how can I track them?

Check out the Leaderboard to discover top investors on both a countrywide and independent player-wise scale.

What are Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 tiles in Eart?

Eart features three types of tiles. Tier 1 tiles are available in the Marketplace, Tier 2 tiles can be directly purchased, and Tier 3 tiles require voting from existing players to unlock territories.

How do I collect Jewels and E-ther in Eart?

Jewels spawn daily and must be claimed within seven days. E-ther is collected daily from tiles. Tier 1 tiles produce more E-ther. Use Jewels to enhance tile productivity and Cydroid capacity.

What is Essence, and how can I boost it in Eart?

Essence is the in-game currency. Claim Ether daily to transform it into Essence. Tier 1 tiles are recommended for higher Ether production.

How do I build Cydroids and manage Civilians in Eart?

Cydroids are crafted to scan neighboring tiles. Civilians can be synthesized to automate tasks. Train Civilians to increase their XP and abilities.

What precautions should I take for account security in Eart?

Enable 2FA using Google Authenticator, and save your backup tokens. Be cautious on external platforms and avoid transactions outside the official platform.

How do I purchase tiles, and what’s the role of the Marketplace in Eart?

Use the buy now button on the map page to select and purchase tiles. Top up your account before purchasing. The Marketplace is essential for trading and securing the best deals.

What is the importance of collecting E-ther in Eart?

E-ther is crucial as it transforms into Essence, which will soon be converted into tokens. Collect E-ther from your tiles daily to enhance your Eart experience.

What is the future of Essence in Eart?

Essence or E-ther is expected to be essential for various game activities. Stay updated as it becomes indispensable for building Cydroids, enhancing jewel quality, creating Civilians, and more.

Can I trade Civilians in Eart, and what is their role?

Yes, there is a marketplace for trading Civilians. Civilians have specific roles, such as dispensing E-ther, recharging Cydroids, and deploying Cydroids on Raids.


Earth2 offers an immersive metaverse experience, starting with a free account on Prioritizing account security is crucial for real-money investments. The game involves strategic tile purchases, navigating the marketplace, and collecting Jewels and E-ther. Staying informed about Essence, the in-game currency, and following updates enhances the Earth2 journey.

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