Earth2: Difference between Tier1 and Tier2 land.

Tiles acquired from Earth2 or the market prior to December 3, 2021, are classified as Tier 1 tiles. Many players are curious about the disparities between Tier 1 and Tier 2 Tiles, and in this blog, we will explore the key difference. 

After December 3, 2021, all tiles acquired from Earth2 are categorized as Tier 2 Tiles. It’s important to note that purchasing Tier 1 tiles directly from Earth2 is no longer an option. Early adopters had the privilege of acquiring Tier 1 tiles directly from Earth2, and consequently, the owners of these Tier 1 tiles enjoy distinct advantages over Tier 2 tile owners.

As we are aware, Earth2 is more than just a game; it serves as a platform for future investments. The return on investment (ROI) for Tier 1 tiles is notably higher. One of the most appealing advantages of being a Tier 1 tile owner is the ability to offer a maximum 7.5% discount to other players. So, players are inclined to use their referral code, which enables them to access an additional stream of revenue.

Tier 1 properties come with certain advantages, including the promise of Essence for original Tier 1 properties, while upgraded or non-Tier 1 properties do not enjoy this benefit. In Tier 1 tiles, jewels spawn at a much higher rate compared to Tier 2 land. Tier 1 properties are guaranteed to have Essence conversion, whereas Tier 2 properties may find it unpredictable.

Owners of Tier 1 lands have the privilege of slotting five jewels, while Tier 2 properties offer only three slots. This provides Tier 1 landowners with more options for upgrading their land. Additionally, Tier 1 players can customize their referral code, a feature not available to Tier 2 players.

Tier 1 lands also support advertisement, offering an advantage over Tier 2 landowners who do not have this option. Tier 2 landowners may face restrictions on the types of structures they can build, which is not the case for Tier 1 landowners.

Resource saturation is normal for Tier 1 lands but restricted for Tier 2 lands. Tier 1 landowners enjoy full governance, while Tier 2 governance is diluted. Tier 1 owners consistently receive additional bonuses.

How do I understand, which category I belong to, T1 or T2

bluesky REFERRAL code earth2

From Account tab, click settings and scroll down bottom of the page. You will see the percentage. If you see 7.5%, you are belogn to Tire1 To determine your category, go to the Account tab, click on Settings, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Look for the percentage displayed. If you see 7.5%, you belong to the Tier 1 category.

In summary, owning Tier 1 lands provides various advantages. In the future, Tier 1 users can expect even more flexibility. Since Tier 1 land is limited, its value may increase over time. New players can purchase Tier 1 land from the marketplace, where affordable options may still be available. Therefore, I recommend new players to understand the differences between Tier 1 and Tier 2 properties and make their land investments accordingly to maximize their benefits.

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