Understanding three tiers Land system System in Earth 2

Difference Earth2 T1, T2, T3

The Land Tier Upgrade system in Earth 2 is an innovative feature that allows landowners to enhance the ‘Tier’ attribute of their virtual land. By upgrading to higher tiers, landowners can unlock various benefits, but it’s crucial to understand both the advantages and limitations of each tier, as well as the costs involved in upgrading. This blog will explore the differences between Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 land in Earth 2, helping you make informed decisions about your virtual real estate.

Overview of Land Tiers

Tier 1 (T1): The highest and most desirable tier, T1 land offers the maximum benefits and features. It is no longer available for direct purchase from the Earth 2 Map as of July 2023 but can be acquired through peer-to-peer (P2P) trading on the Marketplace.

Tier 2 (T2): A mid-level tier, T2 land provides a balanced set of benefits and can be upgraded to T1 or T1 Special (limited availability). T2 land is available through direct purchase from the Earth 2 Map or P2P trading.

Tier 3 (T3): The entry-level tier, T3 land has the fewest benefits but offers an accessible starting point for new landowners. T3 land can be upgraded to T2 and is available for direct purchase within player-released territories from the Earth 2 Map or P2P trading.

Earth2 T1, T2, T3

Earth 2 Land Tiers Comparison

Feature Tier 1 (T1) Tier 2 (T2) Tier 3 (T3)
Description High Tier Base Tier, Mid-Level Tier Entry-Level Tier
Purchase Method Unavailable for direct purchase (RE), P2P Direct purchase or P2P Direct purchase in player territories, P2P
Upgrade Method Not applicable Upgradeable to T1/T1 Special Upgradeable to T2
Land Classes Class 1 to 5 None None
Base E-ther Detection Fully-developed Mentar Semi-developed Mentar SEED (underdeveloped Mentar)
Base E-ther Evaporation 3x base spawn rate, stable 24-96 hours Base spawn rate, stable 24-96 hours None
Boosted E-ther Evaporation Yes Yes Attracts unclaimed E-ther
E-ther to Essence Conversion Yes Yes Yes
Discoverable Resources Yes Yes Yes
Accessible Resources All (32) Restricted (22) Inaccessible
Jewel Spawn Maximum Random None
Mentar Jewel Slots 5+ Slots 3 Slots 0 Slots
Cydroid Tethering Yes Yes Yes
Cydroid Build Capability Yes Yes No
Civilian Hosting Yes Yes No
Civilian Synthesis Yes Yes No
Raid Capability Full Full Restricted
Billboard Ads Yes No No
Lobby Ads Yes (requires broadcasting) Yes (requires broadcasting) Yes (reduced, requires broadcasting)
Broadcasting Ads Yes (requires Occurrence Units) Yes (requires Occurrence Units) Yes (requires Occurrence Units)*

*T3 cannot yield Occurrence Units (O.Us) directly; they must be obtained through P2P Trading or future logistics system.

Important Upgrade Considerations

  • One-way Upgrades: Land can only be upgraded, never downgraded.
  • Sequential Upgrades: Land can only be upgraded one tier at a time, following this order: T3 -> T2 -> T1.
  • Highest Tier: Tier 1 is the highest possible upgrade.


Understanding the differences between Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 land in Earth 2 is crucial for maximizing the potential of your virtual land investments. Each tier offers distinct benefits and limitations, and the decision to upgrade should be based on a careful consideration of these factors along with the associated costs. By leveraging the Land Tier Upgrade system strategically, you can enhance your virtual real estate portfolio and enjoy the diverse benefits that higher tiers offer.

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