Earth 2 Essence (ESS) Performance Review for June 2024

Earth2 essence june 2024

Earth 2 Essence (ESS) is a cryptocurrency that has garnered attention in the digital asset space. In this post, we will review its performance over the month of June 2024, analyzing its price movement, market cap, and trading volume.

Price Movement

Weekly Overview

Throughout June, ESS experienced significant price fluctuations. Below is a week-by-week breakdown of ESS’s price performance:
Week Starting ESS Price (USD) Weekly Change (%)
June 1 $0.0805 -4.96%
June 8 $0.0762 -5.35%
June 15 $0.0728 -4.46%
June 22 $0.0701 -3.70%
June 29 $0.0743 +6.01%


  • June 1-8: ESS started the month at $0.0805 and saw a decline of 4.96%, ending the week at $0.0762. This initial drop set the tone for the rest of the month.
  • June 8-15: The downward trend continued, with ESS falling another 5.35% to $0.0728.
  • June 15-22: The price decrease slowed slightly, with a 4.46% drop, bringing the price to $0.0701.
  • June 22-29: ESS finally saw a positive shift, increasing by 6.01% to $0.0743 by the end of the month.

Market Cap and Trading Volume

While the market cap for ESS remains at $0.00, indicating it is either very new or not widely adopted yet, the trading volume provides some insights into investor activity.

Weekly Trading Volume

Here is a week-by-week breakdown of the 24-hour trading volume for ESS in June:
Week Starting Trading Volume (USD)
June 1 $73,029.43
June 8 $71,060.70
June 15 $68,100.00
June 22 $72,500.00
June 29 $71,056.89


  • June 1-8: The trading volume began at $73,029.43 and slightly decreased to $71,060.70, reflecting a cautious market response.
  • June 8-15: The volume continued to drop to $68,100.00, paralleling the price decline.
  • June 15-22: There was a slight recovery in trading volume to $72,500.00, suggesting renewed interest.
  • June 22-29: The volume stabilized around $71,056.89, coinciding with the price increase, indicating a potential positive outlook.


The month of June 2024 was a turbulent period for Earth 2 Essence (ESS). Despite a general downward trend for most of the month, the cryptocurrency showed resilience with a price uptick in the final week. The trading volume data suggest a cautious yet potentially optimistic market sentiment.

As with any cryptocurrency, ESS’s performance is subject to rapid changes due to market conditions, investor behavior, and broader economic factors. Investors should continue to monitor these variables closely.


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