Maximizing E-Ther Yield: Optimal collections for Cydroids in a Single Raid

Average E-ther collection Earth2

E-Ther stands as the primary element in Earth2, making it the ultimate goal for every player. To optimize your E-Ther yield, there are numerous strategies at your disposal. However, the challenge arises when active neighbors prevent you from achieving maximum raiding benefits. Moreover, not all players are reaching their full collection capacity. Don’t lose heart if your yield falls short, especially since most players are unable to obtain more than 1.4 E-Ther in a single raid. Analyzing data from activity feeds, we’ve discovered that the average player can secure 1.4368 E-Ther during a single raid. This data suggests that the optimal collection benchmark for cydroids in a single raid is 1.4368. If your collection is currently below 1.4, it’s crucial to take proactive steps to enhance your E-Ther collection.

Strategies for Increasing Your Cydroid's E-Ther Yield

If you’re noticing that your cydroids consistently yield less E-Ther, often falling below the 1.4 E-Ther mark, it’s essential to evaluate the properties within a 1-kilometer radius. Consider adjusting your auto-raid targets or expanding the range of your cydroids. If you identify promising lands beyond the 1-kilometer radius, you can enhance their capabilities by equipping Slate Jewels to increase their range. This upgrade will enable your cyroids to target a broader  range (10 KM)of properties, resulting in an improved average collection.”

One effective method for increasing your average E-Ther collection is by expanding your storage capacity. If you consistently observe some of your cydroids returning with full storage, it’s a clear indication that they have the potential to harvest more for you. Make a note of the property names and take steps to enhance your storage capacity by equipping Serpentine Jewels. By maximizing your E-Ther collection, your average yield will naturally see a significant increase.

To enhance the travel efficiency of your cydroid over long distances after installing the Slate jewel, it is advisable to consider improving its speed by incorporating a Catseye jewel.

To boost your E-ther production, consider acquiring land adjacent to a location with a substantial reserve of unclaimed E-ther. Purchase four tiles, construct a cydroid, and commence the resource extraction process. Use “bluesky” coupon to get 7.5% discount for every purchase. 

What to Avoid

  • Avoid Selling Your Jewels at a Low Price
  • Use Your Essence Wisely and Avoid Misuse
  • Diversify Cydroid Jewels – Avoid Slotting the Same Type
  • Make Smart Purchases: Buy Jewels at the Lowest Prices

I believe this blog will prove highly beneficial for new users. It’s important to note that existing users already possess Tier 1 Lands and are enjoying substantial E-ther and Jewel yields. To maximize your profits, it’s crucial to follow best practices and make the most of your limited resources.

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