Future Utilities of essence: Skins and Beyond

Earth2 skin

Earth2 is at the forefront of expanding its digital ecosystem, introducing new utilities that leverage $ESS, its native digital currency. The eagerly anticipated skin drop, scheduled soon, promises to introduce exclusive $ESS-only skins meticulously crafted by Earth2’s talented concept art and 3D modeling teams. These skins not only enhance the visual appeal of avatars but also signify a strategic move towards deepening $ESS utility within the Earth2 metaverse. Future Utilities of Essence: Skins and Beyond showcases Earth2’s commitment to continually innovating and expanding the practical uses of $ESS in their growing virtual world.

Key Points for the Upcoming Skin Drop

  • $ESS-Exclusive Drops: Players will have the opportunity to acquire exclusive skins using $ESS, thereby adding intrinsic value to the currency itself. This exclusivity is designed to stimulate demand for $ESS as players seek unique and personalized avatars.

  • E$ Drops: Inclusivity remains a core principle at Earth2, ensuring that skins will also be available for purchase in Earth Dollars (E$). This dual-currency approach broadens accessibility, catering to a diverse player base and fostering a vibrant community engagement.

  • Staggered Releases: Anticipation builds as skins are set to be released over several hours or days, each available for 24 hours post-launch. This staggered rollout not only heightens excitement but also allows players ample time to plan and acquire their desired skins without missing out.

  • Special Pricing: Transparent pricing is key, with $ESS skins priced at a fixed rate of $0.15 USD per 1 $ESS. This stability ensures clarity and reinforces the perceived value of $ESS in relation to in-game assets.

Earth2 skin

Historic Day for Earth 2: Unprecedented Spending and Utility of $ESS

June 25, 2024, marked a historic milestone for Earth2 with players collectively investing over 12 million Essence ($ESS) on the inaugural day of the Earth 2 Land Upgrade system. This surge in spending, totaling 12,257,101.6727 $ESS, translates to approximately $1,041,853.64 USD at current market rates. Such substantial investment underscores the robust utility and economic viability of $ESS within the Earth2 ecosystem.

A Milestone for $ESS Utility

Earth2’s commitment to enhancing $ESS utility is further exemplified by its innovative approach to digital economies. The integration of $ESS into the Earth2 metaverse not only empowers players with financial agency but also reinforces $ESS as a cornerstone of value creation within the platform.

Special Celebration: Double Burn of $ESS

Absolutely blown away by #Earth2 #Players spending over 12 million $ESS on the first day of the #LandUpgrade release! 🌎✌️ It was so impressive I wanted to commit our 50% share to the burn so the 12 million+ $ESS spent on day 1 will be burned forever! https://earth2.io/news/land-upgrade-burn This is obviously a large burn, but over time we have designed the #Earth2 #Tokenomics to gradually continue to #burn away at $ESS as #Players use different parts & features of the platform - especially when #broadcasters & some other yet to be announced features come into the picture! Land Upgrades is just one good example of how this can play out long term!

To commemorate the successful launch of the Land Upgrade system and highlight the pivotal role of $ESS in Earth2’s digital economy, a special double burn event has been announced. Earth2 will burn an additional 6,133,105.8363 $ESS, equivalent to $520,926.82 USD. This initiative not only reduces the circulating supply of $ESS, enhancing scarcity, but also underscores Earth2’s commitment to rewarding its community and fostering long-term value for $ESS holders.

The Impact of Land Upgrades

The introduction of the Land Upgrade system represents a significant leap forward for Earth2, offering players enhanced functionality and long-term value on their virtual properties. This innovative feature has been met with enthusiastic adoption, reflecting the community’s readiness to embrace transformative advancements within the Earth2 platform.


The convergence of the upcoming skin drop, unprecedented $ESS spending on land upgrades, and the symbolic double burn event signals a pivotal moment for Earth2 and its global community. These initiatives not only demonstrate Earth2’s dedication to enhancing user experience and expanding digital capabilities but also solidify $ESS as a dynamic and integral component of its evolving ecosystem.

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