Unveiling the Power of Boosted E-ther in Earth 2: A Comprehensive Exploration

In the ever-evolving virtual realm of Earth 2, the recent stealth release of the Boosted E-ther has sent shockwaves through the community. This groundbreaking system, part of Earth 2’s sixth major feature release of 2023, holds immense potential for T1 and T2 landholders. Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies of Boosted E-ther and its interconnected dynamics within the Earth 2 ecosystem.

Boosted E-ther emerges as a substantial bonus for T1 and T2 landholders, promising not only daily visibility but also the prospect of significant E-ther growth over extended periods. The beauty lies in its simplicity – a boost system applied to all T1 and T2 tiles, designed to empower players who own these lands with full control over potential benefits.

Each country within Earth 2 boasts its unique pool of Boosted E-ther, a quantity determined by factors such as land demand, popularity gauged by the New Land Price (NLP), and the number of T1 or T2 tiles in that country. It’s a strategic dance of supply and demand, reflecting the virtual economy within Earth 2.

Boosted E-ther Independence from T3 Land:

A notable feature of Boosted E-ther is its independence from T3 land. Unlike some systems that require the involvement of higher-tier territories, Boosted E-ther functions autonomously for T1 and T2 tiles. However, this autonomy doesn’t equate to isolation; certain aspects of the boost mechanics connect with T3 land tiles once they are voted and released inside a country.

Once the first T3 tiles are acquired in a Territory within a country, any ‘neglected’ E-ther from the country’s Boosted E-ther pool finds its way to the existing T3 tiles, following specific rules. This strategic connection adds a layer of complexity, creating a dynamic interplay between T1, T2, and T3 land within Earth 2.

Harmony of Benefits: T1, T2, and T3 Land:

Crucially, the Boosted E-ther mechanism doesn’t disadvantage T1 or T2 landowners. Instead, it opens a door for T3 land within the same country to attract any excess neglected E-ther before it disperses back into the Earth 2 realm. It’s a harmonious dance where each tier gets its fair share without diminishing the rewards for others.

Understanding the Essence Tokenomics:

Understanding the Essence Tokenom

Boosted E-ther, along with its connection with T3 land, plays a pivotal role in the Essence tokenomics system. This sophisticated system anticipates its presence for an extended period. However, a crucial point is that these boost systems, including Boosted E-ther, are designed to cease functioning immediately when any disinflationary mechanics from the Essence tokenomics system are activated.

While these systems could be reactivated based on certain criteria, Earth 2 maintains a forward-looking approach. The anticipation is that such disinflationary mechanisms may not come into play for several months, ensuring a stable and rewarding environment for players engaging with Boosted E-ther.

Boosted E-ther Pool + T3 SEED:

Delving into the intricacies, Boosted E-ther becomes an even more enticing prospect for T1 and T2 landholders, especially those with higher New Land Prices (NLPs). Earth 2 introduces the concept of the “power of belief,” where benefits arise from popularity, desirability, or greater perceived worth within the virtual landscape.

The NLP of a T1 or T2 tile plays a crucial role in determining its Potential Boosted E-ther (PBE). T1 tiles inherently attract more Base E-ther Spawn (BES) than T2 tiles. Consequently, if a T1 and T2 tile share the same NLP, the T1 will ultimately gain more E-ther Boost due to its higher BES.

The Boosted E-ther Pool is a unique feature for each country, and T1 and T2 landholders have the first crack at attracting Boosted E-ther from these pools. The amount of Boosted E-ther a player attracts depends on the number of T1 or T2 tiles they own in each country.

The T3 SEED, a fascinating entity, is introduced as a simple yet undeveloped Mentar form generated by T3 tiles after becoming the first owner. Although the SEED lacks the power of a fully developed Mentar, it excels in luring neglected E-ther from the Boosted E-ther pools that T1 and T2 properties have failed to attract.

Strategic Use of T3 SEED:

The SEED, while unable to attract base E-ther on its own, excels in luring neglected E-ther from the Boosted E-ther pools. Depending on the conditions, the lure of the SEED can even outperform the base spawn rate of E-ther on a T1 tile, showcasing its strategic importance.

However, the T3 SEED has its limits, and competition arises when there isn’t enough neglected E-ther for T3 tiles to evenly lure. In such cases, the E-ther accumulates until at least the minimum amount of 0.01 E-ther can be lured by the T3 SEEDs from the Boosted E-ther pool in that country.

In the complex virtual landscape of Earth 2, Boosted E-ther stands as a beacon of innovation and player empowerment. Its dynamic mechanics, independence from T3 land, and strategic connection with T1, T2, and T3 tiers create a nuanced ecosystem where each player’s actions influence the overall experience.

As T1 and T2 landholders navigate the Boosted E-ther system, they find themselves not only claiming daily visible boosts but also engaging in a strategic dance with T3 land. The harmonious distribution of benefits, the anticipation of future tokenomics developments,

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