12 different ways to earn money from Earth2

If you’re in the market for exploring side hustles, investing in Earth2.io could be a compelling option. Earth2 is more than just a game; it’s a dynamic metaverse experience that’s continuously evolving. The concept of a metaverse itself is a cutting-edge idea, and investing in such novel ventures often comes with the advantage of being a first mover. Beyond entertainment, Earth2 offers opportunities to earn real income. In this blog, we’ll delve into 12 distinct methods you can utilize to kickstart your money-making journey.

Earth2 revolves around the central concept of buying and selling virtual land. It’s essentially a digital replica of real-world geography, complete with countries that bear the same names. To get started, individuals can purchase a minimum of one tile, equivalent to a 10m x 10m parcel of land. The price of these tiles is subject to the laws of supply and demand.

When a new country is unlocked in the game, tile prices typically begin at $0.10. However, as more people acquire tiles, the prices inevitably rise. For instance, in the United States, Tier 2 tiles currently command a price of $10 per tile, a substantial increase from the initial $0.10. This illustrates the potential for significant price growth over time.

Inside Earth2, there exists a marketplace where you can easily list and sell your tiles, opening up opportunities to start earning money from your investments.


Referral Income:

Earth2 offers an enticing opportunity for players to invite their Earth1 friends to invest in the platform. By sharing the referral code, investors can unlock a substantial benefit – a generous 7.5% discount. Tier 1 players are equipped with the ability to provide this 7.5% discount code to potential investors, while other players can offer a 5% discount.

This means that if you can successfully encourage others to invest a minimum of $100, both the referring user and the investor will enjoy a 7.5% discount. It’s a straightforward way to commence your journey towards earning money in Earth2.

bluesky REFERRAL code earth2

You can set your referral code from your profile.


Once you’ve chosen the referral code that suits you best, it’s time to spread the word among your friends through various channels, such as YouTube, blogs, Facebook groups, Discord, and more. Feel free to leave your referral code in the comment section below, enabling others to make use of it in their next purchases.

Selling Jewels in the Marketplace

How to claim jewels on earth 2

In the ever-evolving world of Earth2, a diverse range of jewels emerges on the tiles almost every day. Players have the opportunity to claim these jewels, but it’s crucial to bear in mind that they must do so within a 7-day window, as jewels vanish after this period. Consequently, players tend to log in daily to secure their valuable finds.

These jewels can be slotted into Mentars, where they serve a variety of purposes, such as boosting resource production, enhancing E-ther yields, increasing cydroids capacity, and expediting building and research times. These enhancements contribute to elevating the monetary value of one’s property. Conversely, players can craft jewels for upgrade purposes.

Moreover, users possess the option to sell their jewels in the marketplace, creating an avenue to earn money. There are three tiers of jewels available, with Tier 1 jewels typically priced lower than Tier 3 jewels. For those who grasp the dynamics of supply and demand in the marketplace, trading jewels can be a lucrative endeavor.”

Jewels Market place on earth2

Selling jewels in the Earth2 marketplace is a straightforward and potentially profitable endeavor. Personally, I’ve been trading jewels for quite some time, and I’m delighted to report that approximately 50% of my property acquisitions have been funded through jewel trading. However, to excel in this pursuit, it’s essential to grasp the art of timing – knowing when to buy and when to sell.

For quick gains, some players may list their jewels at very competitive prices. In such cases, you should consider buying when prices are low and then selling when there is a heightened demand for specific jewels in the marketplace. Shane, the visionary founder of Earth2, has been vocal about the future potential of jewels, emphasizing their increasing value over time. He cautions that collecting jewels may become progressively challenging as time goes on. Hence, the decision to sell or collect jewels ultimately rests in your hands.

Buying Places of Interest

One strategy to embark on your Earth2 investment journey is to target locations with high foot traffic and desirability. Landmarks like Times Square, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids, Niagara Falls, and the White House exemplify these coveted places of interest. While many of these top-notch properties have already climed. Opportunities still exist for acquiring these sought-after locations through bidding or purchases on the marketplace.

Prepare to be astonished by a compelling example that showcases the potential of Earth2 investments. In this case, an investor has acquired an impressive 228 Class 1 Times Square tiles at a price of $15,500.

Earth2 Bidding

At the outset, the investment was a mere $28.8, but the subsequent sale at $15,500 vividly illustrates the substantial gains this investor has realized. This impressive growth speaks volumes about the potential of Earth2 investments.

Trading Resources​

Resources serve as the lifeblood of any Earth2 player’s journey. Each tile conceals a treasure trove of valuable resources, all of which will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Earth2. Gold, freshwater, diamonds, silver, and more are among the plethora of resources that will fuel the construction of Earth2’s bustling infrastructure.

Players have the unique opportunity to extract, collect, and employ these resources to establish and expand their enterprises, thereby boosting their earnings. However, it’s important to note that not every player will possess every type of resource. In such cases, the Earth2 marketplace offers a platform for resource trading, allowing users to exchange what they have for what they need.

For newcomers, a highly recommended strategy is to seek out land parcels rich in high-frequency resources. To aid in this endeavor, the Heatmap tool can be utilized to conduct thorough analysis and identify resource-rich properties. With multiple avenues to start earning, Earth2 offers a plethora of opportunities for players to thrive.

resource - earth2 - Heatmap

Investing time equally in slotting various jewels based on your tile’s nature is a highly recommended . Some tiles offer the opportunity to access multiple resources, and players must devise a sound strategy to maximize their benefits


Advertising stands out as a favored avenue for generating income. In Earth2 (E2V1), players will have the option to construct various markets and buildings adorned with prominent billboards, creating prime spaces for advertising.

A promising prospect lies in forming partnerships between Earth2 and established advertising networks like Google and Facebook. Such collaborations could streamline the process of securing advertisements, enabling efficient programmatic ad campaigns to run seamlessly within the Earth2 platform.

Earth2 megacity list

I believe that roads, particularly crossroads, present a highly lucrative opportunity for advertising. While Earth2 may not yet have VR functionality, future plans could include virtual reality. With this in mind, I recommend that new players looking to boost their advertising income focus on creating additional roads and strategically positioning their buildings and markets near crossroads. This will enhance visibility and significantly increase the chances of their ads gaining greater exposure.

Casino Business

Many players are considering the idea of establishing their casinos within the Earth2 metaverse. In this scenario, it’s crucial to select the right location for your casino. High visibility is key to success. Players are speculating that entry fees and in-casino gaming will likely involve the use of in-game currency, known as ‘essence

Casino inside Earth2

If you’re considering building a casino in Earth2, some of the best places to consider are Dubai, Las Vegas, Indonesia, Bangkok, and Nepal. However, even if you don’t own tiles in these locations, you can rent or purchase tiles in suitable areas. It’s essential to ensure that your casino offers excellent accessibility support for users. While teleporting allows players to visit anywhere, it can be expensive. Therefore, providing exceptional value to your guests is a must.


Hosting events like virtual concerts or rooftop dance parties can be a fantastic way to draw players to your location. Many players are actively exploring the idea of throwing rooftop disco parties, charging an entry fee as a source of income.

Furthermore, arranging virtual concerts can generate significant interest from external users. You can sell concert tickets and even offer upsells such as discount coupons or casino passes. To capture the attention of users, consider incorporating prominent holographic dancers in your design. This setup allows players to join the party, make friends, and enjoy their free time. For those who excel at dancing, encouraging them to upgrade their avatar’s abilities can also provide opportunities to earn referral income.

Earth2 dance party

Virtual shopping complex

Consider the possibility of setting up a virtual shopping complex, which could prove to be an extraordinary source of revenue. You can rent out shopping spaces, establish conversion centers, or even begin selling products yourself. Additionally, you’ll have opportunities for advertising within this bustling retail environment.

Choosing the right location is crucial for the success of your venture. Opt for a space within a thriving megacity with an active player base. Proper research is highly recommended, and we’ll be addressing this in a separate blog to guide you in selecting the ideal megacity.

Undoubtedly, creating a virtual shopping complex can be one of your most substantial projects, demanding ample space, buildings, electricity, automation, and more. It’s impossible for a single individual to know everything, so expanding your knowledge base is essential. Engage with various communities and participate in social media interactions to stay updated and connected

Cydroids - Market palce

Building cydriods

Cydroids are poised to become highly sought-after assets for gathering E-ther and resources in Earth2. You can leverage this trend by embarking on the creation of customized cydroids for sale in the marketplace.

Not only can you excel in crafting these essential cydroids, but you can also offer coaching to others looking to build effective cydroids. Charge a coaching fee for sharing your expertise and become a specialist in this sector, opening up new avenues for earning in the Earth2 ecosystem.

Income Tax

One of the simplest methods to generate income in Earth2 is by allowing others to build on your property. When someone constructs anything on your land and starts earning, you receive a share of the profits.

Parodic Bonus

When others purchase tiles in your vicinity, you receive a bonus. The bonus amount may be relatively small for smaller accounts, but for those with more substantial properties, it can translate into significant earnings.

Encouraging your friends to invest in your area can be highly rewarding. That’s where the Earth2 Property Locator (EPL) becomes invaluable. You can readily share the EPL link with your friends, simplifying their property purchase process.

Making content

Starting to produce content about Earth2 is an excellent opportunity in a rapidly growing niche. Interest in this platform is on the rise, making it easier to attract organic traffic. Given that Earth2 is a new and continually evolving project, you can anticipate creating content for many years to come.

Over the next decade, you’ll have ample opportunities to generate income through advertising, affiliate marketing, and endorsements within the Earth2 megacity. It’s worth noting that YouTube gaming content is especially popular among the younger generation. There’s a vast array of videos on games like Minecraft, PUBG, and more, with users consuming this content daily. So, if you enjoy creating content and want to start earning passive income, diving into Earth2 content creation can be a rewarding choice.

The possibilities within Earth2 are boundless, representing a groundbreaking concept that mimics real-world activities. In this blog, I’ve highlighted just a handful of ideas currently circulating in the market. However, this list will undoubtedly expand, and in a few years, you’ll find yourself inundated with new and innovative concepts.

My sincere advice is to get involved in this grand venture now and immerse yourself in understanding the intricacies of Earth2. Then, select one or two of the best-suited options that align with your interests and goals.

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