How to slot Jewels in Cydroids

“Cydroids serve as flying E-Ther collectors, aiding Earth2 players in gathering E-Ther. This blog will provide detailed information about Cydroids and their role in E-Ther collection. E-Ther is a crucial component of Essence, and having more Essence enhances your ability to play the game and earn money. Both E-Ther and Essence play a vital role in creating various digital assets. It’s important to note that collecting E-Ther may become increasingly challenging in the future, so it’s recommended to gather as much E-Ther as possible. In this blog, we will discuss, how to slot cydroids like a pro.

A frequently asked question in the Earth2 community is, “Why can’t I see my jewels when slotting them inside Cydroids?” The main reason for this is that Cydroids require specialized jewels, and only these specific types will be visible in the Cydroid slotting panel. There are six exclusive jewels that can be slotted in Cydroids, and only these types are compatible:

  1. Catseye
  2. Chrysocolla
  3. Peridot
  4. Serpentine
  5. Slate
  6. Sunstone

These types of jewels don’t spawn automatically; you need to craft them. Crafting a single jewel requires at least 18 Tier 1 jewels, making it quite expensive. If you want to purchase them from the market, you can expect prices of $1 or more. However, if you come across a listing for less than $0.90 in the marketplace, it’s a good deal. Not every type of jewel needs to be slotted; you should only slot the ones that add value.

For example, if you have a Cydroid that consistently returns home with less than 3 E-Ther, there’s no point in increasing its storage capacity because a standard Cydroid can bring 3 E-Ther at once. Understanding the output of each type of jewel is crucial. In this blog, we’ll discuss the slotting process first and then provide you with some advice on how to slot with the right jewels.

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