Why Earth 2 Tier 3 tiles can be a smart investment choice

If you’re part of the Earth2 metaverse community, you’re probably familiar with the three types of tiles they offer: T1, T2, and T3. The Development team has assured us that T3 will be the final type of land available. If you’re new to this futuristic investment game and want to learn more, I highly recommend giving this blog a read. Now Let’s dive into why Tier 3 tiles can be a smart investment choice. Firstly, these tiles are quite affordable, although they’re not available worldwide like Tier 2 lands. They are limited to specific territories, and their availability is determined by the demand voted on by real players.

Now, we won’t focus on Tier 1 lands today since they are already pricey and exclusively found in the Marketplace. Many of us might think Tier 3 lands are cheap and, therefore, not worth investing in because the prices won’t increase in the future. However, some territories have already seen an uptick in Tier 3 tile prices. To give you an idea, here’s a table showing how prices have changed.

1New York+286,145 TilesVISIT
2Seoul+238,065 TilesVISIT
3Busan+157,285 TilesVISIT
4Pärnu+82,995 TilesVISIT
5Astara+56,297 TilesVISIT

But this blog isn’t just about potential future profits from selling Tier 3 tiles. There are strategic reasons to consider them. Let’s explore the options that Tier 3 tiles offer, similar to Tier 1 and 2 lands.

Feature Information
Upgrading Upgradeable through P2P trading.
Boosted E-ther Evaporation Yes, stable for 24 hours.
Ether to Essence Conversion Possible.
Discoverable Resources Yes.
Accessible Resources Inaccessible resources, unlike Tier 2 and Tier 1 lands.
Cydroid Tethering Possible.

The key feature that stands out to me is the ability to tether Cydroids, which I believe is crucial. Although Tier 3 (T3) tiles don’t allow building Cydroids directly, you can purchase them from the market. This opens up the opportunity to raid other players’ properties using these Cydroids. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Legendary Cydroids have the capability to raid properties of any size, ranging from 1 to 750 tiles.

Looking ahead, the demand for Legendary Cydroids is expected to increase significantly. If you have affordable tiles located in different parts of the world, you can purchase Legendary Cydroids from the market at a reasonable price. Placing these Cydroids on your cost-effective tiles positions you to sell them to new customers at a premium price in the future. This strategic move can potentially yield substantial returns.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, you can also consider using your Tier 3 tiles as parking lots. As Earth2 attracts new players seeking diverse experiences, many of them may not have sufficient tiles to park their Cydroids. By offering your tiles for rent as parking lots or renting out your Cydroids, you can generate passive income without much effort.

Currently, you can purchase Cydroids in teleportation mode, allowing you to buy them from any location. However, future developments may require logistic use, making it impossible to sell Cydroids anywhere. Instead, you’ll need to use transportation, which can be costly. If you have Tier 1 or 2 tiles where you can produce first-generation Cydroids and Tier 3 tiles , you can transform these tiles into experience centers. These centers can serve as hubs for selling Cydroids to the local community, especially as Earth2 continues to grow and attract new players.

Cydroid Earth 2

Let’s break down the potential gains through a simple calculation. To construct one Cydroid, you’ll require 7.5 Essence (2.5E for building + 5 for power). If we assume that after the token release, 1 Essence is equivalent to 1 USD, creating an ordinary Cydroid would cost a minimum of $7.5. Legendary Cydroids, being dependent on luck, could potentially fetch a higher price in the future, but currently, you can buy them from the market for $7 each.

Now, let’s explore the profit potential. With $700, you could acquire 100 Cydroids. If you manage to double their price , your profit would be $700. However, keep in mind that parking requires space. The more space you have, the more Cydroids you can buy and park. To park 100 Cydroids, you’d need 400 tiles. If you opt for cheaper Tier 2 tiles, this would cost you $120. On the other hand, you could acquire 400 Tier 3 tiles for only $44, considering their current market value.

In essence, the decision is yours to make based on these calculations and considerations.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy daily boosted essence gains and the ability to raid other properties. Considering these additional benefits, the price of Tier 3 lands is expected to rise, leading to increased demand in the market.


Consider acquiring Tier 3 land in a thriving location, preferably within a bustling megacity. The more traffic your land receives, the greater the advantages you stand to gain. Tier 3 land doesn’t allow for advertising, so there’s no requirement to focus on exceptionally lucrative locations. Instead, aim to acquire as many Tier 3 tiles as possible when territories open. It’s advisable not to allocate your entire budget to a single location. Distribute your budget worldwide, allowing you to relocate your Cydroids without incurring additional rent costs. This strategy also facilitates connections with players globally, contributing to the growth of your network.

Disadvantages of Tire 3 Lands

In Tier 3 lands, the synthesis of Civilians is not supported. If your intention is to conduct raids from these properties, it must be done manually, which can be quite time-consuming. Therefore, if you own numerous Tier 1 and Tier 2 properties, I do not recommend acquiring Tier 3 tiles solely for raiding purposes. Instead, consider transforming them into service centers for other valuable purposes.

I’m not a financial advisor, so it’s crucial to conduct your own research before making any investments in the game. However, I believe this blog can assist you in making informed decisions, especially regarding the purchase of Tier 3 lands. Remember, Tier 3 Tiles were introduced for a purpose. Stay updated by following the official Earth2 Discord to gain valuable insights from the community.

For those interested in a maximum 7.5% discount on Tier 2 land, you can use the code “bluesky” during your direct purchase from Earth2. I hope you develop a fondness for the game, and to catch a glimpse of the 3D version, check out the following official video.

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