What is Red Energy? How can I get it?

What is Red Energy Earth2

If you’re a newcomer to the Earth2 metaverse, you might be introduced to the pivotal concept of ‘Red Energy.’ This blog aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of what Red Energy is and elucidate its crucial significance in gameplay.

“In Earth 2, Red Energy is like a special power-up or bonus in the game. It’s a dynamic, gas-like substance that appears in areas of conflict within the virtual world. Players can collect Red Energy, and it brings added excitement to the game by offering rewards, badges, and achievements through the RBA Initiative. Think of it as a valuable resource that enhances your gameplay experience and adds a new layer of fun and challenges to the virtual world of Earth 2.”

How can i get Red Energy?

Red Energy can be obtained in Earth 2 through involvement in conflicts or areas of contention. When clashes occur, Red Energy is attracted to these situations. Subsequently, Red Energy is collected by players, attaching itself to the victor or entities in proximity to the conflict. Successful participation in conflicts enables the gathering of Red Energy, which can be utilized for various in-game benefits, rewards, badges, and achievements through the RBA Initiative.

At present, the sole avenue for acquiring or accumulating Red Energy involves players raiding the properties of other players by deploying Cydroids. Upon the successful completion of a raid by the Cydroids, players receive one unit of Red Energy.

Why Red energy is so important?

Red Energy is envisioned as a mystical force in Earth 2, resembling sustenance for special aides known as Civilians. These Civilians, vital in roles, embark on adventures and assist players, relying on Red Energy for contentment and productivity. If sufficient Red Energy is not provided by players, Civilians might depart in search of better conditions. In essence, rewarding and ensuring the well-being of helpers is crucial to guarantee their dedication and optimal performance. Additionally, the synthesis of Civilians will necessitate 4 Red Energy Units.

This special power in the game, known as Red Energy, was temporarily usable by players to obtain Tier 1 tiles (This option is not available now). Earth2 leaders allowed players to utilize this feature briefly. In the future, red energy might serve various purposes. Players should exercise caution to avoid misusing this unique energy. Red Energy can be promptly transferred through a Player’s Mentar network, enabling the global utilization of their Red Energy balance to support Civilians on any of their properties worldwide. For example, Red Energy earned in Australia can be utilized to sustain a Player’s Civilians in Asia, and vice versa.

How frequently is Red Energy distributed?

Red Energy is distributed every day, and you will receive a notification from Earth2 indicating the amount of Red Energy awarded.

Earth2 Red Energy

Red energy dashboard

Navigate to the profile menu where you can check the Red Energy balance. From the same tab, you will find a subtab named Overview, providing you with a breakdown of the balance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Earth2 Red Energy
Earth2 Resource over view

How to improve My Red energy?

It’s crucial to consistently monitor your Red Energy balance in Earth2, as it directly correlates with successful raiding and consumption. If you earn less Red Energy and consume more, your balance will start to decline. Currently, Red Energy serves as the food for First Edition Civilians. Each Civilian requires Four Red Energy unit per week to remain loyal and happy. Regularly audit all your Civilians to ensure they receive enough Red Energy.

If you observe that some Civilians are not achieving successful raids, consider changing the raiding target or increasing raiding distance by slotting jewels. If these adjustments don’t work, you can explore selling the Civilians in the market. However, the optimal approach is to bring in Civilians when you are confident about obtaining enough ether. I recommend manually raiding in the initial days to ensure successful raids. If you cannot raid, your Civilians may be underutilized and consume Red Energy, leading to a reduction in the overall Red Energy balance.

What is the minimum number of tiles required to receive Red Energy?

At present, players can amass Red Energy through property raids, a process that necessitates at least one Cydroid. To either construct or purchase a Cydroid, a minimum of 4 tiles is required. Therefore, if you possess a single property consisting of 4 tiles, you will have the capability to initiate raiding activities.

What challenges do First Edition Civilians face if there is no Red Energy available?

If you don’t have any Red Energy, your First Edition Civilians may face challenges. They require one Red Energy unit per week to stay loyal and content. Without sufficient Red Energy, these Civilians may cease working and start wandering, searching for sustenance. It’s crucial to ensure your Civilians receive the necessary Red Energy to maintain their productivity and prevent them from wandering aimlessly. You can earn Red Energy through successful raids on other players’ properties or by adopting strategies to increase your Red Energy balance.

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Red Energy plays a pivotal role in the Earth 2 metaverse, serving as a dynamic resource obtained through conflict and crucial for sustaining First Edition Civilians. Its significance extends beyond gameplay enhancements, offering rewards, badges, and achievements. Monitoring and optimizing Red Energy balance are essential to prevent challenges for Civilians, ensuring their loyalty and productivity. As Earth 2 evolves, the careful management of Red Energy becomes integral, promising exciting possibilities and strategic opportunities for players in this immersive virtual world.

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