10x your investment: hack inside Earth2 Metaverse

Earth2 Lygendary cydroid

 If you’re diving into the Earth2 metaverse and looking to boost your investment, you’re in for a treat. This blog spills the beans on some insider hacks that no one else is sharing. With these tricks, you can potentially multiply your investment by 10 – and the best part? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Just follow the steps!

Earth2 registered user 600000

In a recent tweet, Shane Isaac, the founder of Earth2, revealed that the platform has amassed an impressive 600,000 registered users since its inception in December 2020. Exciting news awaits as they gear up to launch their token, “Essence,” slated for 2024, with a tentative release date for the whitepaper set in Q1 of the same year.

The anticipation surrounding Essence is palpable, considering its pivotal role as the lifeblood of Earth2’s virtual ecosystem. The essence holds the key to power within the metaverse – a direct correlation where the more essence you possess, the greater your influence.

To shed light on the journey so far, Earth2 marked the last quarter of 2023 with an attention-grabbing video release. The surge in their YouTube channel subscribers, soaring from 25K to an impressive 401K, underscores the growing enthusiasm and close following of the community.

It’s worth noting that to accumulate Ether, a precursor to Essence, early adopters have already employed first-generation cydroids. These cydroids, being highly efficient, come with a unique characteristic – they cannot be manufactured. Building these 1st generation cydroids has some limitations, favoring those who own extensive properties with the maximum number of tiles.

Cydroid Limits Based on Number of Tiles

Number of TilesMaximum number of Cydroids
4-9 Tiles1
10-29 Tiles2
30-59 Tiles3
60-99 Tiles4
100-199 Tiles5
200-324 Tiles6
325-474 Tiles7
475-649 Tiles8
650-749 Tiles9
750+ Tiles10
Accourding to the Rarity there are 5 types of cydroid available.

Type Rarity Distribution

Type Rarity
Common 6%
Legendary 15%
Epic 19%
Rare 27%
Uncommon 33%

Legendary cydroids are like the VIPs of the bunch – super rare and super powerful. They don’t make a lot of them, keeping it all exclusive. We’re not entirely sure about all the cool stuff they can do yet, but one thing’s for sure: they’re going to be the big shots in the future.

Here’s a cool nugget we know about them so far – if you’ve got a Tier 3 Property, your Legendary cydroid can raid any property out there, no matter how big. It’s like having a secret weapon that lets you go after any property you want. Check out the table below to see which cydroids can raid different-sized properties.

Cydroid Rarity Raid Target Property Size Limit (Tiles)
Common 1 – 25
Uncommon 1 – 50
Rare 1 – 100
Epic 1 – 250
Legendary Unrestricted

those legendary cydroids are gonna be a hot ticket item. As more folks join the game, everybody’s gonna want one. Right now, you can snag one for less than 7 bucks on the marketplace. And guess what? You’re not just getting the cydroid – they throw in 5 essence too.

Now, imagine this: once they launch their token, Essence, and if it hits a dollar per essence, you pretty much covered the cost of that cydroid. But here’s the exciting part – I think the price of legendary cydroids could shoot up, maybe even hit a sweet $100 each.

So, let’s break it down: grab 10 cydroids now for 7 bucks each, that’s 70 bucks. Fast forward, if their value hits a hundred bucks each, you’re looking at a total of a grand (10 cydroids X $100). Simple math – you just made yourself a cool $900 or more. That’s what I call a smart move!

Here’s the deal, but there’s a little trick to it. To hold onto those 10 cydroids until you sell them, you gotta have 100 tiles. If you’re running low on free tiles, no worries – you can snag some Tier 3 tiles on the cheap. Right now, Dubai Tier 3 tiles are less than 30 cents. So, you might need to throw in an extra 30 bucks.

Your total investment then becomes 100 bucks, and in return, you’re looking at a grand. Lots of players are already building up their cydroid collections. If you’re just starting out, follow these steps, and I’m confident you’ll start seeing some cash flow.

Quick tip: if you can swing Tier 1 or Tier 2 tiles, it’ll make things even smoother. You can automate the process with civilians. In Tier 3 land, you won’t be able to synthesize and deploy civilians. But for a 10x income boost, investing a bit of your time will be well worth it. 


Q1: How can I 10x my investment in the Earth2 Metaverse?
A: The key is in legendary cydroids. They’re rare and powerful. Snag them for less than $7 each on the marketplace, and with the launch of the Essence token, the potential for a $100 value per cydroid is on the horizon.
Q2: What’s the deal with legendary cydroids?
A: Legendary cydroids are exclusive VIPs in the game. While we’re still uncovering all their cool features, one thing is certain – they’re destined to be game-changers. With a Tier 3 Property, they can raid any property, regardless of size.
Q3: What’s the strategy for building a legendary cydroid collection?
A: To hold onto your cydroids, you need 100 tiles. If you’re low on free tiles, grab Tier 3 tiles, like the affordable Dubai ones. Your total investment, including tiles, could be $100. If legendary cydroid values hit $100 each, that’s a potential return of $900 or more.
Q4: Are Tier 1 or Tier 2 tiles a better investment?
A: Absolutely! If you can swing Tier 1 or Tier 2 tiles, you can automate the process with civilians. In Tier 3, you can’t do that, but for a 10x income boost, it’s worth the time investment.
Q5: Is this investment strategy foolproof?
A: While I’m not a financial advisor, always double-check the info before diving in. This blog is here to spark thoughts. If you’ve got a different idea or disagree, drop a comment – let’s talk it out and explore together!

While I’m not a financial advisor, it’s crucial for you to double-check the info before diving into any investments. But hey, my aim is to spark some fresh thoughts with this blog. If you’ve got a different idea or you disagree, drop a comment. Let’s chat and explore more together! 

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