Why Iron so important in Earth2

How to produce more iron in Earht2

Iron holds immense importance in human civilization, shaping its development across history. As a versatile material, iron played a pivotal role in the advancement of tools and weapons, agricultural efficiency, transportation, and architectural marvels. In Earth2, you will get different kind of resource which will be  will be situated deep underground, much like Resources in the real world. Among various resources, Iron is one of the prime resource which already discovered.   

Iron is an invaluable early-stage resource that serves as a building block for numerous essential structures. In the game, Mentar and Prospecting Cydroids are crucial for resource detection. Furthermore, players will have the capability to produce Prospecting Cydroids for their resource collection needs and trade them in the marketplace. The construction of Prospecting Cydroids and their manufacturing facilities will require iron as a component. Since jewels hold significant value, users aim to accumulate more resources without depleting their jewel reserves. The advantage of manufactured Prospecting Cydroids is that they do not necessitate the fusion of jewels. Consequently, users are more inclined to utilize these manufactured Prospecting Cydroids, leading to a substantial surge in the demand for iron within the market.

In the initial discovery phase, iron holds the second position, following coal, which serves as a natural fuel for converting various materials into building blocks. These building blocks are essential for creating a wide range of structures such as warehouses, houses, shops, skyscrapers, transportation stations, educational facilities, marketplaces, social hubs, vehicles, water processors, lignators, research labs, and more. These buildings are pivotal for players to progress in the game.

To construct this infrastructure, iron is of utmost importance. Alternatively, users can purchase iron from the marketplace, but it is likely that players, especially in the early stages, will strive to produce iron from their own resources to maximize their profitability. Iron is an indispensable resource at every stage of this game, and players will focus on collecting it diligently to ensure their success.

How to boost iron Production?

The process of transforming iron into building blocks involves several key steps:

  1. Extracting the Occurrence Units
  2. Replication
  3. Creating Building Blocks

Initially, users must prioritize the production of Occurrence Units. To achieve this, they need to insert various jewels into the Mentar. Jewels such as Tier 3 Ochre, Sunrise, and Tanzanite are particularly effective in enhancing iron production.  It is advisable for users to slot various types of jewels to optimize their benefits.


Iron Earth2

When you visit the profile, navigate to the resource tab to find the total available tiles with iron ore. The abbreviation ‘HF’ stands for high frequency, while ‘UF’ signifies unknown frequency. It’s advisable to begin by concentrating on high-frequency (HF) tiles. Start by slotting jewels from these tiles and setting up the necessary infrastructure on them.

How to get High frequency Iron Ore?

Iron ore can be found worldwide, with particularly rich deposits in Europe and South America. Consult the following heat map to pinpoint the ideal locations for your needs.

Iron ore earth2

“If your main goal is to trade iron, it’s vital to secure a significant number of tiles containing high-frequency (HF) iron at a cost-effective price. You can source HF iron from the following two locations:

  1. Northern Sierra Leone
  2. Cox’s Bazar

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If you’re new to this game, I’m certain that this blog will prove to be highly beneficial for you. Feel free to share your insights on gathering more iron in the comment section so that others can reap the benefits

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