Mentar : A Comprehensive Introduction for New Players

Mentar : A Comprehensive Introduction for New Players

Welcome to a beginner’s guide for those eager to embark on their gaming journey in the Earth2 metaverse.In this blog, we endeavor to offer a comprehensive understanding of one of the most pivotal EcoSim structures, the Mentar, essential to kickstart your gaming journey. It’s crucial to grasp every detail, especially since real money is involved in Earth2.

Although creating an account is free, maximizing your experience requires the purchase of tiles from Earth2 or through the marketplace. To sweeten the deal, when you choose to buy tiles directly from Earth2, you can enjoy a generous 7.5% discount on every purchase. Be sure to use the code “bluesky” to unlock this maximum discount.

What is Mentar?

Mentar stands as the most vital EcoSim building within the Earth2 metaverse game. It serves as the primary source for generating E-ther on every property. Without Mentar, the production of E-ther, which is later converted into essence, becomes impossible. Each property is equipped with one Mentar, and it is essential to maintain an active Mentar on each property for seamless gameplay in Earth 2.

Furthermore, within each Mentar, you’ll discover various slots for placing jewels. Larger properties offer a higher number of slots for jewel placement, while smaller properties provide a more limited number of slot options. Regardless, even on a single-tile property, you can expect a minimum of three slots for jewel placement

What is mentar Earth2

Enhancing property productivity is achievable through jewel placement. Jewels spawn randomly on properties and can be slotted into the Mentar later. Different resources are located at varying depths within each tile. Slotting jewels results in an increased production of these resources. Mentars on larger properties usually have a lower efficiency in detecting the evaporating E-ther, but these type of large  properties offer more slots for jewel placement, making it reasonable to assume that they will produce a higher quantity of resources and increase effectiveness. This is why individuals should consider acquiring properties with a greater number of tiles.

How to get mentars?

You have the option to construct a Mentar on your property for free. However, once you’ve acquired a property, you must log into your account on seven separate days within the 14-day construction period. Upon completing the Mentar construction process, newly acquired properties will automatically be equipped with a Mentar. This applies whether you purchased them directly from Earth 2 or they were previously owned by another user.

For those looking to expedite the process and avoid the 14-day waiting period, there is an option to purchase a Mentar directly from Earth2 for $5. It’s important to note that this step must be repeated for each property acquisition. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to follow the free approach. To view the Mentar, simply navigate to Satellite > EcoSim view.

How to build mentar

After constructing Mentars, they will automatically begin detecting E-ther. However, E-ther will dissipate from your property after 48 hours, so it’s crucial to make regular visits to your Profile page to claim your E-ther. I recommend claiming your E-ther every day to prevent it from being raided by other players. With each passing day, E-ther production becomes increasingly challenging. So, invest your time to maximize your returns.

How to caim E-ther?

So far, it’s very easy to claim E-ther. All you need to do is log into your account and navigate to your Profile. You’ll find the E-ther icon there; simply click on it to claim your E-ther.

How to claim e-ther

Another method to acquire E-ther is through property raiding. As previously explained, after 24 hours, E-ther stored within the Mentar becomes unstable, and other players can gather this unstable E-ther by conducting raids. To accomplish this, they deploy cydroids to other properties to collect the unstable E-ther. Unfortunately, players cannot conduct raids on properties that do not have an active Mentar. Therefore, before deploying a cydroid, it’s essential to carefully inspect the Mentar status of nearby properties.

Tier 1 tiles may produce more Ether than Tier 2 tiles. This is why newcomers should consider acquiring Tier 1 tiles. Currently, there is no direct option to purchase Tier 1 tiles from Earth2, but players can buy them from the marketplace. Another strategy is to upgrade Tier 2 tiles once the development team allows players to perform tile upgrades.

I hope you now have a better understanding of Mentar. It serves as the core of each property, aiding in the production of essence, which is expected to be converted into cryptocurrency in the future. If any updates about Mentar emerge, we will promptly update the blog to ensure beginners have access to accurate information and can make well-informed investment decisions.”

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