Strategic Insights: Choosing the Right Territory in Earth 2’s Tier 3 Expansion

Earth 2 just rolled out Tier 3 Land, and people are talking a lot about whether it’s a good buy. From what I’ve seen, not every piece of land gives you a great experience. Picking the right spot needs some thinking. You’ve got to be careful and know why you’re putting your money there. Let’s break down the smart moves for choosing the perfect spot in Earth 2’s Tier 3 Expansion.

“Here are three smart reasons that might convince you to invest:
1. If you don’t own any land in a specific area and want to grab some at a lower cost.
2. If there’s a high frequency of resources in that area that you can collect in the future.
3. If you anticipate a significant increase in the land’s price and plan to sell it for a profit.”

“Before delving into the details, let’s first understand the distinctive features when comparing Tier 3 to Tier 2 and Tier 1.”

What Tier 3 Tiles Can Do:

  1. Purchasing Methods: Tier 3 lands can be directly purchased within player-released territories from the Earth 2 Map or through peer-to-peer trading via the Marketplace.
  2. Tier Upgrading: Tier 3 lands are upgradeable.
  3. E-ther Detection: Tier 3 lands have no E-ther detection capabilities. Instead, they spawn an underdeveloped Mentar called a SEED.
  4. Base E-ther Evaporation: Tier 3 lands have no base E-ther evaporation. Instead, it has unpredictable E-ther extraction directly from the tiles by a semi-developed Mentar, stable for 24 hours and disappearing by 96 hours.
  5. Boosted E-ther Evaporation: Tier 3 lands have boosted E-ther evaporation, stable for 24 hours and disappearing by 96 hours.
  6. Ether to Essence Conversion: Tier 3 lands can convert E-ther to Essence.
  7. Discoverable Resources: Tier 3 lands have discoverable resources.
  8. Accessible Resources: All resources on Tier 3 lands are accessible.
  9. Jewel Spawn: Tier 3 lands have no Jewel spawn.
  10. Jewel Slots: Tier 3 lands have 0 Jewel slots.
  11. Cydroid Tethering: Tier 3 lands support Cydroid tethering.
  12. Cydroid Build Capabilities: Tier 3 lands do not have Cydroid build capabilities.
  13. Raid Capabilities: Raid capabilities on Tier 3 lands are restricted based on the target property size and Cydroid rarity.

What Tier 3 Tiles Cannot Do:

  1. E-ther Detection: Tier 3 lands lack E-ther detection capabilities and spawn an underdeveloped Mentar instead.
  2. Base E-ther Evaporation: Tier 3 lands do not have base E-ther evaporation; it relies on unpredictable extraction by a semi-developed Mentar.
  3. Jewel Spawn: Tier 3 lands do not have Jewel spawns.
  4. Jewel Slots: Tier 3 lands have 0 Jewel slots.
  5. Cydroid Build Capabilities: Tier 3 lands do not support Cydroid build capabilities.
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“Now, let’s focus on the positive aspects. According to future rules, you’ll have the option to upgrade your Tier 3 tiles, making your investment secure. These lands feature boosted E-ther evaporation, meaning regular players can enjoy additional boosted E-ther, easily convertible into essence. While Tier 3 lands offer limited discoverable resources, the inability to build cydroids is offset by the option to purchase one from the market. Interestingly, the current market prices for cydroids are quite affordable, making it an opportune time to secure inexpensive land and equip yourself with the necessary cydroid.”

“Now, let’s explore the drawbacks of Tier 3 land. Firstly, you cannot use any discount code when purchasing Tier 3 tiles. Since Tier 3 lands lack jewel slots, there’s no option to enhance resources or ether evaporation. However, unlike Tier 1 and 2 lands, investing in Tier 3 requires a different mindset. Despite these limitations, some players with substantial accounts have already invested in Tier 3 lands. This is a positive sign, suggesting that investing in Tier 3 land could be a favorable choice for both seasoned eco-simulation players and newcomers alike.”

“Up to now (6 December, 2023), four territories have been unlocked: Nickerie, Saint George, Rasht, Gilan, Iran, and Earlville, New York. Within just 12 hours, the price of New York has surged by an astonishing 510%. Upon analyzing the situation, I have drawn two conclusions.”

Earth2 Territory Price

Table of Contents

Flip land

If you come across a highly appealing location, renowned worldwide, and anticipate a rapid increase in its value—similar to what we’re witnessing with New York—consider investing your funds there. Rather than purchasing an extensive number of tiles in a single property, opt for smaller chunks, say 4 to 30 tiles each. This strategy ensures a broader reach to potential buyers, allowing you to secure these tiles swiftly when the territory becomes available. Based on my comprehension, individuals who invested $100 in New York have already seen a remarkable value surge of $500 within just 12 hours. While it’s true that the rate of increase may taper off as more new players join the fray, this presents a promising opportunity for you to accumulate additional capital for the upcoming phases of the game.

Resource hunt

If you aim to be an eco-simulation player, your focus should be on gathering resources. Before opening a territory, assess whether the location boasts high-frequency resources. If you identify promising resources, consider acquiring land. If you intend to hold onto the land for future use, secure as many tiles as your budget allows. Additionally, set aside a portion of your budget to purchase the relevant cydroid from the market. I strongly recommend acquiring the cydroid at the earliest opportunity, as there’s a high likelihood of its price increasing. To play it safe, take steps now to secure your cydroid.

In conclusion, Earth 2‘s Tier 3 Land has generated significant interest and discussion within the community. Careful consideration is crucial when selecting territories, weighing the advantages and drawbacks. The ability to upgrade Tier 3 tiles in the future adds a layer of security to investments. Positive features include boosted E-ther evaporation and affordable cydroid prices in the market. However, limitations such as the inability to use discount codes and the absence of jewel slots should be noted.

The rapid price increase of New York within 12 hours showcases the potential for substantial returns, especially for those who adopted a strategic approach. Smaller tile purchases and resource-focused strategies are recommended for a diverse and successful investment portfolio. While the initial surge may attract attention, the sustainability of returns should be monitored as more players enter the game. Overall, Earth 2’s Tier 3 lands present both challenges and opportunities, making them a viable choice for both experienced players and newcomers in the evolving eco-simulation landscape.

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