Earth 2 Essence (ESS) Market Analysis Report (1-7 June)

Earth2 token price
Earth2 token price


Earth 2 Essence (ESS) is a cryptocurrency token that operates within the Ethereum ecosystem. It aims to provide a bridge between virtual assets and real-world properties, allowing users to invest in virtual land and participate in a metaverse-like environment.

Price Movement

  • June 1st Price: ESS was trading at approximately $0.124 per token.
  • June 7th Price: The price declined to around $0.1187 per token.


  • 7-Day Performance: ESS underperformed the global cryptocurrency market, with a decline of -4.80% during this period.
  • Compared to other Ethereum-based tokens, ESS lagged behind, while some similar tokens saw positive gains.

Trading Volume

  • 24-Hour Trading Volume: Approximately $190,133 worth of ESS tokens were traded within a 24-hour period.

Conversion Rate

MetricJune 1stJune 7th
Price (USD)$0.124$0.1187
7-Day Performance-4.80%-1.40%
Trading Volume (24h)$190,133
Conversion Rate (USD)$0.1187
  • Conversion Rate to Euro (EUR): 1 ESS ≈ €0.1167.


While ESS experienced a slight decline during this week, it’s essential to consider the overall market trends and the project’s long-term vision. As always, exercise caution when making investment decisions, and stay informed about any developments related to Earth 2 Essence.

Please note that cryptocurrency markets can be volatile, and prices may change rapidly. If you need further information or have additional requests, feel free to ask!



PS: Not financial Advice 

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