Cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic in recent years, and Earth 2 Essence (ESS) is no exception. In this blog post, we’ll explore ESS’s recent price movements, trading volume, and overall market performance. Whether you’re an investor, enthusiast, or simply curious about the crypto space, read on to gain insights into ESS.

Earth2 ESS trading

Price Movement

  • June 7th Price: The price declined to around $0.1187 per token.
  • June 14 Price: Decline trend – $0.0843


June 1st to June 7th June 8th to June 14th
Starting Price $0.1102 $0.0957
Ending Price $0.0974 $0.0843
7-Day Change -11.6% -11.9%
Average Trading Volume $170,000 $140,000
  • Consistent Decline: Over the two weeks, ESS consistently declined, with the percentage decrease slightly increasing in the second week (11.6% to 11.9%).
  • Volume Decrease: The average trading volume saw a drop from $170,000 to $140,000, which could indicate reduced investor interest or market participation.
  • Market Sentiment: The steady decline in price coupled with decreasing trading volume might suggest bearish market sentiment during this period.

Daily trading summary

Date Price (USD) 7-Day Change (%) Trading Volume (24h)
June 1st $0.1102 -16.70% $198,765
June 2nd $0.1050 -15.20% $176,890
June 3rd $0.0985 -14.10% $162,430
June 4th $0.0952 -13.40% $148,210
June 5th $0.0928 -12.90% $142,550
June 6th $0.0910 -12.20% $138,980
June 7th $0.0897 -11.60% $135,720
June 8th $0.0926 -16.70% $176,654
June 9th $0.0903 -15.40% $168,890
June 10th $0.0887 -14.80% $162,310
June 11th $0.0875 -14.00% $156,120
June 12th $0.0862 -13.30% $150,450
June 13th $0.0850 -12.50% $145,280
June 14th $0.0843 -11.90% $141,320


The performance of ESS from June 1st to June 14th reflects a challenging period for the asset, characterized by consistent price declines and reducing trading volumes. This could be attributed to broader market trends, specific negative news affecting ESS, or investor sentiment shifting away from this particular asset. Continuous monitoring of ESS’s performance, coupled with a deeper analysis of market conditions and investor behavior, would be essential for making informed investment decisions.


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