What is EPL

What is EPL in earth 2 (The Earth2 Property Locator (EPL)

EPL stands for Earth2 Property Locator, serving as a convenient hyperlink for easy property navigation. While each property within Earth2 possesses a unique, albeit lengthy link, users can customize these links for a fee of $4.95 or 400 Essence. This essentially creates a subdirectory, which prompts the question of why Earth2 charges $4.95 when, according to the development team, the standard price is $9.95. This expense might not be the most favorable investment since acquiring a top-notch domain should cost no more than $10. It’s essential to consider this as it implies potential ongoing costs.

For instance, http://e2.me/rugby is a live example of an EPL. To understand its worth, let’s consider the essence value. 400 Essence equals $4.5, meaning 1 essence is equivalent to $0.01. This conversion helps gauge your daily earnings. A standard cydroid can hold three E-ther at once. With the current rate of 15.82 E-ther equaling 1 essence, cydroids need to return home with full E-ther three times. This raises the question of whether it’s truly worth investing time in Earth2.

Although there are other means of collecting essence beyond raiding, the present E-ther price is nearly negligible.

Returning to the point, EPL was initially perceived as a money-making strategy in Earth2, even though most players invested their essence in it.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that t2 properties do not qualify for EPL claims, and the development team has yet to provide any insights into the future utility of EPL. At present, it remains a subject of speculation, with some suggesting that these types of EPL may find application in teleportation.

In the future, I anticipate sharing more information about EPL. If you have any alternative speculations, please feel free to leave a comment. For newcomers to this game, you can purchase tiles and enjoy a 7.5% discount by using the code “bluesky.


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