Maximizing Your Land Upgrades: Tips and Insights

How to upgrade Earth2 land?

Upgrading land in virtual environments has become an exciting venture for many. In the dynamic and evolving virtual world of Earth 2, understanding the newly introduced Land Upgrade System can help you make the most of your virtual real estate investments. Here are some insights and tips to help you maximize your land upgrades effectively.

Understanding the Upgrade Tiers

The Land Upgrade System in Earth 2 introduces various tiers, each offering different benefits and requiring varying amounts of resources. For instance, upgrading from Tier 2 (T2) to Tier 1 (T1) might provide significant boosts, but it’s essential to weigh the cost against the potential gains. Always consider:

  • Resource Requirements: Higher tiers often require more resources. Ensure you have enough before committing to an upgrade.
  • Benefits: Assess the benefits each tier offers. Sometimes, the incremental benefits might not justify the resources spent.

Efficient Resource Management

Resources like Essence and Resource Elements (RE) are often limited. Efficiently managing these resources can make a significant difference:

  • Prioritize High-Value Plots: Focus your resources on upgrading plots that offer the highest returns or strategic advantages.
  • Monitor Resource Usage: Keep track of how much Essence and RE you’re using. Avoid overspending on upgrades that don’t offer substantial benefits.
  • Timing: Upgrade during events or periods when resource costs are lower or when special bonuses are offered.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Many users face issues such as the slider problem, where not maximizing the slider results in non-optimal upgrades. Here’s how to avoid such pitfalls:

  • Double-Check Settings: Before finalizing any upgrade, ensure your settings are correct. For example, if you want to use the maximum amount of RE, make sure the slider is set to the maximum.
  • Be Patient: Upgrading land can be a time-consuming process. Avoid rushing through it, as this can lead to mistakes and wasted resources.

Leveraging Community Insights

Engaging with the Earth 2 community can provide valuable insights and tips. Platforms like Discord or forums are excellent places to learn from others’ experiences:

  • Share Experiences: Discuss your upgrade strategies and learn from others. This can help you avoid mistakes and discover new tactics.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on community announcements and updates. This can inform you of any changes to the upgrade process or new opportunities.

Balancing Immediate Gains and Long-Term Strategy

It’s tempting to go for immediate upgrades, but balancing this with a long-term strategy is essential:

  • Evaluate Immediate vs. Future Benefits: Some upgrades might offer immediate gains, while others are more beneficial in the long run. Plan your upgrades based on your overall strategy.
  • Diversify Investments: Instead of focusing all resources on a single plot, consider spreading them across multiple plots to balance risk and reward.

Understanding the Land Upgrade System in Earth 2

In Earth 2, the Land Upgrade System is a game-changer, powered by Essence ($ESS). This system enhances the utility of land parcels by allowing players to upgrade their properties. However, the decision to upgrade involves careful consideration of several key factors.

Factors Influencing Land Upgrades

The amount of Essence or Energy required for upgrading land is influenced by two major factors:

  1. New Land Price (NLP): This reflects the popularity and demand for land within a specific country or territory.
  2. External Trading Price of Essence: This is the market price at which Essence is traded.

These factors must be carefully evaluated to determine the optimal time for upgrading lan

Timing and Viability of Upgrades

It’s important to note that while some locations may be favorable for upgrades due to the external trading price of Essence, the Land Upgrade System’s official rollout might mean that in many locations, upgrading may not be immediately viable. In some cases, it could take months or even years before an upgrade becomes beneficial.

Impact of Player Activity

Another crucial aspect to consider is how the popularity of land changes after upgrades are initiated by players. These upgrades can directly impact the NLP of each tier, causing it to rise or fall as the number of tiles allocated to each tier adjusts automatically with each upgrade. This collective activity from players can lead to fluctuations in NLP, making some properties more appealing for immediate upgrades, while others might not be as advantageous.

Strategic Considerations

With hundreds of countries and thousands of territories in Earth 2, the appeal of different locations can vary significantly over time. While there are properties worth upgrading immediately, not all properties fall into this category. It’s essential for players to stay informed and strategic about their upgrade decisions, considering both the current and future potential of their land.

Community Insights

Shane, the Founder and CEO of Earth 2, has shared valuable insights into this process. He emphasizes that while the team is making significant progress, there are still many challenges and distractions. He also highlights that the Land Upgrade System is just one of many features that will expand the utility of Essence in the platform over the coming years.

For more detailed information about the Land Upgrade System and its implications, players are encouraged to visit the official Earth 2 website and follow updates from the development team.


Upgrading land in Earth 2 requires careful planning and efficient resource management. By understanding the upgrade tiers, managing your resources wisely, avoiding common pitfalls, leveraging community insights, and balancing immediate gains with long-term strategy, you can maximize your land upgrades and achieve your virtual real estate goals. Happy upgrading!

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