Earth 2 Essence (ESS) Market Analysis Report (15-21 June)

Earth2 ESS trading

Earth 2 Essence (ESS) is a blockchain project focused on delivering decentralized solutions for data management, identity verification, and interoperability within the digital ecosystem. By leveraging blockchain technology, ESS aims to enhance security, privacy, and efficiency in handling digital identities and data across various platforms.

In this market analysis report, we will examine the performance of ESS over two specific time periods: June 7 – 14, 2024, and June 15 – 21, 2024. The analysis will cover key metrics such as starting and ending prices, trading volumes, and percentage changes to provide insights into the recent market trends and investor sentiment surrounding ESS. Through this detailed examination, we aim to offer a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing the market performance of ESS during these periods.

Price Movement

  • June 15 Price: Decline trend – $0.08445
  • June 21 Price:   – $0.08481


Analysis Aspect June 7 – 14, 2024 June 15 – 21, 2024 Remarks
Starting Opening Price $0.1211 $0.084451 Decline
Trading Volume $156,782 $176,654 Increase
7-Day Change -15.9% -24.20% Decline
Ending Price $0.1062 $0.084811 Decline
Earth2 ESS trading


  • Starting Opening Price:

    • Remark: The starting opening price dropped significantly from $0.1211 to $0.084451, indicating a steep decline at the beginning of the second week.
  • Trading Volume:

    • Remark: The trading volume remained constant at $156,782 across both periods, suggesting stable trading activity despite the price decline.
  • 7-Day Change:

    • Remark: The 7-day percentage change shows a worsening trend, with the decline increasing from -15.9% in the first week to -24.20% in the second week. This indicates accelerating negative sentiment or selling pressure.
  • Ending Price:

    • Remark: The ending price continued to fall from $0.1062 to $0.084811, consistent with the overall declining trend observed during these periods.


The analysis suggests that Earth 2 Essence (ESS) experienced a challenging period with consistent price declines and increasing bearish sentiment. The rise in trading volume during the second period may indicate a reactionary market behavior rather than a positive indicator of market health. Investors should consider these trends carefully, as they point to underlying issues that may be affecting ESS’s market performance. It is crucial for investors to remain cautious, conduct further research, and consider broader market conditions before making any investment decisions in ESS.


  • Further Research: Investors should delve deeper into the factors contributing to the decline, such as market news, project updates, or broader economic conditions.
  • Cautious Approach: Given the accelerating decline, a cautious approach to trading ESS is advisable until more stable trends emerge.
  • Monitoring Trading Volume: The slight increase in trading volume should be monitored to see if it signifies potential stabilization or further volatility.

In summary, the analysis presents a clear picture of a cryptocurrency facing significant downward pressure, urging investors to exercise caution and stay informed about ongoing market developments.


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